IEEE International Workshop on Computer Aided Modeling and Design of Communication Links and Networks
25-27 October 2021 // Virtual Conference

Full Program

The virtual program will take place in Time Zone GMT+1 / CET-1 (Portugal).

S/No. Title Authors
S01-P1 Monday, 25 October  09:00 – 10:30 Deep Q-network based dynamic power allocation for cell-free massive MIMO Yu Zhao; Ignas Niemegeers; Sonia Heemstra de Groot
S01-P2 Task Decomposition of Network Services for Deploying in Heterogeneous Network Computing Nodes Liangkang Wei; Fanqin Zhou; Lei Feng; Peng Yu; Li Wenjing; Mingyu Zhao; Xueqiang Yan; Jianjun Wu
S01-P3 A deep map from performance to resources – intelligent resource allocation for network slicing Afonso Oliveira; Teresa Vazão
S01-P4 A Novel Fair Power Allocation for Sum-Rate Maximization to NOMA-based Relaying System Kai Yang; Kaiyu Qin; Xiao Yan; Qian Wang
S01-P5 Performance Evaluation of Radio Resource Schedulers in LTE and 5G NR Two-tier HetNets Sherif Adeshina Busari; Noelia Correia; Shahid Mumtaz; Jonathan Rodriguez; Firooz B. Saghezchi
S01-P6 SARSA-Based CoAP Mode and Route Selection Joint Optimization in Power Underground Pipe Gallery Huifeng Yang; Yong Wei; Jianqi Li; Jingyu Huang; Zhengwen Zhang; Junbin Cui; Wei Liu; Yichao Li; Huang Biyao
10:30 – 11:00 Coffee Break
S02-P1 Monday, 25 October  11:00 – 12:30 Experimental validation of dynamic scaling of computational resources in cloud radio access networks Osvaldo Santos; Paulo Marques; Hugo Marques; Diarmuid Collins
S02-P2 Efficiently Integrating Mobility and Environment Data for Climate Change Analytics Isam Mashhour Al Jawarneh; Paolo Bellavista; Antonio Corradi; Luca Foschini; Rebecca Montanari
S02-P3 5G-COMPLETE: Service-Driven Slice Management over Heterogeneous 5G Infrastructures Francesca Moscatelli; Giada Landi; Agapi Mesodiakaki; Marios Gatzianas; George Kalfas; Anna Tzanakaki; Markos Anastasopoulos; Dimitra Simeonidou; Reza Nejabati; Giannis Giannoulis; Konstantinos Tokas; Dimitrios Apostolopoulos; Hercules Avramopoulos
S02-P4 Linear Complexity ZF-based linear precoder for massive-MIMO Systems Sayyed Shafivulla; Aaqib Patel
S02-P5 A Key Management Framework to Secure IoMT-enabled Healthcare Systems Marcus de Ree; Damian Vizár; Georgios Mantas; Joaquim Bastos; Corinne Kassapoglou-Faist; Jonathan Rodriguez
S02-P6 Experimental Comparison of RF Waveform Designs for Wireless Power Transmission Sumit Gautam; Sumit Kumar; Symeon Chatzinotas; Björn Ottersten
12:30 – 13:30 Lunch Break
Keynote 1 13:30 – 15:00 The Role of Digital Twins in the Manufacturing and Goods Processing Evolution Towards Industry 5.0 Dr. Valerio Frascolla (Intel, Germany)
S03-P1 Monday, 25 October 15:30 – 17:00 Performance of Multimodal Biometric Systems Using Face and Fingerprints (Short Survey) Mohamed Abdul-Al; George Kumi Kyeremeh; Raed A Abd-Alhameed; Rami S Qahwaji; Naser Ojaroudi Parchin; Jonathan Rodriguez
S03-P2 Biometrics in the World of Electronic Borders George Kumi Kyeremeh; Mohamed Abdul-Al; Nabeel Abduljabbar; Rami S Qahwaji; Raed A Abd-Alhameed
S03-P3 Phased Array Antenna Package with Switchable Radiation Coverage for Future Smartphones Naser Ojaroudi Parchin; Atta Ullah; Ahmed S. I Amar; Mohamed Abdul-Al; Yim-Fun Hu; Raed A Abd-Alhameed
S03-P4 Compact Single-Band Slot Antenna for WLAN Applications Samira Mekki; Chemseddine Zebiri; Djamel Sayad; Issa Elfergani; Hanane Bendjedi; Jonathan Rodriguez; Raed A Abd-Alhameed
S03-P5 A miniaturized Design of a Printed Slot Antenna with Defected Ground Structure for GSM Applications Samira Mekki; Chemseddine Zebiri; Djamel Sayad; Issa Elfergani; Jonathan Rodriguez; Hanane Bendjedi; Raed A Abd-Alhameed
S03-P6 A Complete Design Procedure of an X-band MMIC Class-J Power Amplifier Maryam Sajedin; Issa Elfergani; Jonathan Rodriguez; Raed A Abd-Alhameed
S04-P1 Monday, 25 October 17:00 – 18:30 EHA-BeeSensor: Hybrid Protocol for Energy Proficient Routing in IoT Network using Swarm Intelligence Abdul Nasir; Hassaan Khaliq Qureshi; Israr Ullah; Muttukrishnan Rajarajan
S04-P2 Location-Based Data Auditing for Precision Farming IoT Networks Joaquim Bastos; Paul Shepherd; Pedro Castillejo; Mario San Emeterio; Vicente Hernández Díaz; Jonathan Rodriguez
S04-P3 A Model-Driven Approach to AoI-Based Cache Management in IoT Martina Pappalardo; Enzo Mingozzi; Antonio Virdis
S04-P4 Transient Performance Modelling of 5G Slicing with Mixed Numerologies for Smart Grid Traffic Kalpanie Mendis; Poul E. Heegaard; Vicente Casares-Giner; Frank Y. Li; Katina Kralevska
S04-P5 Robust Encryption to Enhance IoT Confidentiality for Healthcare Ecosystems Andreas Andreou; Constandinos X. Mavromoustakis; George Mastorakis; Jordi Mongay Batalla; John Sahalos; Evangelos Pallis; Evangelos K. Markakis
S04-P6 Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a LoRa Packet Generator for Forest Environments Mike Ojo; Davide Adami; Michele Pagano; Stefano Giordano; Marco Niccolini
Tuesday 26 October 09:00 – 10:30 Tutorial (Part 1): Malware Analysis and Detection Ashu Sharma and Hemant Rathore
10:30 – 11:00 Coffee Break
11:00 – 12:30 Tutorial (Part 2): Malware Analysis and Detection Ashu Sharma and Hemant Rathore
12:30 – 13:30 Lunch Break
Keynote 2 Tuesday 26 October 13:30 – 15:00 Smartphone Based Eye Care: Current Trends and a Glimpse into the Future Dr. Ajit S. Bopardikar (Samsung, India)
S05-P1 Tuesday, 26 October 15:30 – 17:00 Age of Information From Two Strategic Sources Analyzed via Game Theory Leonardo Badia
S05-P2 Reinforcement Learning for Jamming Games over AWGN Channels with Mobile Players Giovanni Perin; Leonardo Badia
S05-P3 A Blockchain-based Architecture for Secure IoT-based Health Monitoring Systems Filippos Pelekoudas Oikonomou; Georgios Mantas; Phil Cox; Firooz Bashashi; Felipe Gil-Castiñeira; Jonathan Gonzalez
S05-P4 Unveiling the user requirements of a cyber range for 5G security testing and training Anna Angelogianni; Ilias Politis; Pierluigi Polvanesi; Antonio Pastor; Christos Xenakis
S05-P5 Risk-Based Adaptive User Authentication for Mobile Passenger ID Devices for Land/Sea Border Control Maria Papaioannou; Georgios Mantas; Aliyah Essop; Phil Cox; Ifiok E. Otung; Jonathan Rodriguez
S05-P6 A Privacy-Preserving User Authentication Mechanism for Smart City Mobile Apps Maria Papaioannou; José Ribeiro; Valdemar C. Monteiro; Victor Sucasas; Georgios Mantas; Jonathan Rodriguez
17:30 – 19:00 Industrial Panel
S06-P1 Wednesday, 27 October  09:00 – 10:30 A Resource Allocation Strategy in Fog-Cloud Computing Towards the Internet of Things in the 5G Era Bin Cao; Zhiheng Sun; Yunjian Fu; Xin Liu; Hua He; Zhihan Lv
S06-P2 Blockchain and Learning-Based Computation Offloading in Space-Assisted Power IoT Haijun Liao; Zhenyu Zhou; Zhao Wang; Chao Pan; Zehan Jia; Mohsen Guizani
S06-P3 On the Impact of Data Integrity Attacks on Vehicle-to-Microgrid Services Ahmed Omara; Burak Kantarci
S06-P4 A Neural Network Based Recursive Least Square Multilateration Technique for Indoor Positioning Bhagawat Adhikari; Xavier N. Fernando
S06-P5 Connectivity and Safety Analysis of Large Scale UAV Swarms: Based on Flight Scheduling Biruk E Tegicho; Tadilo Endeshaw Bogale; Abdullah Eroglu; William Edmonson
S06-P6 A Cell Outage Compensation Mechanism Based on IPSO for 5G Ultra-dense Small Cell Networks Cheng Chen; Peng Yu; Lei Feng; Fanqin Zhou; Li Wenjing; Wei Lin
S07-P1 Wednesday, 27 October  11:00 – 12:30 A Channel Magnitude Based Key Generation Scheme for Static and Dynamic Environments Muhammad Usman; Saud Althunibat; Marwa Qaraqe
S07-P2 Secure Key Distribution for IoT Networks Based on the Physical Layer Security Tasneem Alshamaseen; Saud Althunibat; Marwa Qaraqe
S07-P3 Improving Data Confidentiality in Chirp Spread Spectrum Modulation Fatima Abu Taha; Saud Althunibat
S07-P4 Privacy-Preserving Wireless Federated Learning Exploiting Inherent Hardware Impairments Sina Rezaei Aghdam; Ehsan Amid; Marija Furdek; Alexandre Graell i Amat
S07-P5 Data Confidentiality for IoT Networks: Cryptographic Gaps and Physical-Layer Opportunities Marcus de Ree; Georgios Mantas; Jonathan Rodriguez; Saud Althunibat; Marwa Qaraqe; Abdullah Alhasanat; Saif Al-Kuwari; Moath Alsafasfeh; Gabriele Oligeri; Seda Doğan-Tusha; Muhammad Usman; Fatima Abu Taha; Samiha Mousa; Tasneem Alshamaseen; Malak Qaisi
12:30 – 13:30 Lunch Break
Keynote 3 13:30 – 15:00 Internet of Things (IoT) Applications using Pervasive AI Prof. Mohsen Guizani, FIEEE (Qatar University)
S08-P1 Wednesday, 27 October  15:30 – 17:00 Accurate and Scalable Quality of Transmission Estimation for Wideband Optical Systems André Souza; Bruno Correia; Nelson Costa; Joao Pedro; João Pires
S08-P2 Customized K-Means Based Topology Clustering for Aeronautical Ad-hoc Networks Tuğçe Bilen; Perit Jan Aydemir; Ayser Ecem Konu; Berk Canberk
S08-P3 Evaluation of the IP Identification Covert Channel Anomalies Using Support Vector Machine Manal A Shehab; Nayera M. Sadek; Noha Korany
S08-P4 Connectivity Analysis of THz-based UAV-BS Considering Mobile Users Heyam Hassan; Saud Althunibat; Tamer Khattab; Nizar Zorba
S08-P5 Generating IoT Edge Network Datasets based on the TON_IoT Telemetry Dataset Georgios Zachos; Ismael Essop; Georgios Mantas; Kyriakos Porfyrakis; José Ribeiro; Jonathan Rodriguez
S08-P6 5G RAN resource slicing with flexible functional splits over multi-tenant environment Michail Dalgitsis; John S Vardakas; Christos Verikoukis
S09-P1 Wednesday, 27 October  17:00 – 18:30 A new compact printed monopole antenna based on compressed metamaterials for UWB applications MoHamed Bouknia; Chemseddine Zebiri; Djamel Sayad; Issa Elfergani; Said Mosbah; Jonathan Rodriguez; Raed A Abd-Alhameed
S09-P2 Short Term Forecasting of Uncertain Parameters for Virtual Power Plants Mahdi Abbasi; Amirabbas Asadi; Seifeddine Benelghali; Mohamed Zerrougui
S09-P3 Classification of Communication and Collaboration Apps via Advanced Deep-Learning Approaches Idio Guarino; Giuseppe Aceto; Domenico Ciuonzo; Antonio Montieri; Valerio Persico; Antonio Pescapé